Feet First: Braving it with Faith Alone

Feet First: Braving it with Faith Alone

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In February 1999, Jenny Burris found herself an unwilling passenger in the backseat of a Pontiac headed for an abortion clinic. Frightened but fortified by faith, she found a way to keep her baby alive in spite of the biological father’s deplorable actions — not once, but twice. That day marked a turning point for Jenny, but it was still just the beginning of an uphill battle that would push her to her emotional and physical limits.
Feet First is Jenny’s remarkable true story of navigating social biases against teen moms and surviving unspeakable trauma at the hands of the baby’s biological father, including death threats and sexual assault. A revealing exploration into human nature, Feet First also celebrates Jenny’s triumphs among the tragedies, culminating in a day in court that opens Jenny’s eyes to new possibilities.

Today, Jenny is the proud founder of J.Forks Designs, a successful women’s boutique and lifestyle brand with products that are carried in more than 450 stores across six countries.

Her compelling story is a potent reminder that it’s not the mistakes that define a person — it’s the choices made afterward.

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