Here at J.Forks Designs, we have crafted a unique line of jewelry that integrates high-quality gemstones, handcrafted leather, loomed beadwork, and unique silversmithing.

High-Quality Gemstones. High-quality, semi-precious gemstones have been a staple of the J.Forks Designs look since conception in 1999. We primarily work with turquoise, coral, pearls, bone, spiny oyster, jaspers, agates and many other natural stones. Because each stone is unique, many of our pieces are one of a kind. 

Handcrafted Leather: At our studio, we have an in-house team of leather workers. From hand-tooled earrings to strategically set stones, many pieces in our line will incorporate handcrafted leather. Leather adds a variety to the design while not weighing you down. 

Loomed Beadwork: Loomed beadwork not only adds a variety of color and patterns to our jewelry but also portrays Jenny's Native American roots. Our loomed beadwork is incorporated into pendants, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and more.

Silversmithing: From rings and pendants to earrings and cuffs, silver adds a unique flair to our designs. Our talented team of silversmiths set stones and leather in silver by hand. 


Jenny Forks lives by the motto “Dare to be Bold.” Growing up on a ranch near Beeville, Texas, Forks spent her childhood seeking out adventure. Her days were packed full of riding horses, hunting, hiking, camping, playing softball, and spending as much time as she could outside. To say that she was a tomboy is an understatement. The time she spent outdoors in the southwestern United States had a profound impact on the rest of her life. It sparked her curiosity in stones, from turquoise to coral, jasper to pearls, and everything in between.
Forks’ interest in stones helped ignite her passion for beads. At a young age, she started to teach herself how to make jewelry and gifted items to her friends and family. As she grew older, through trial and error, Forks taught herself how to set stones, work with silver, craft intricate designs, and become a jewelry designer. By the time Forks was in high school, she started selling her jewelry at the restaurant in which she worked. After graduating high school in 1999, Forks established her company and has pursued designing jewelry ever since.
One might attribute her strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit to her dynamic family background. Her father Bill has been a firefighter with the Beeville Fire Department for over 40 years and is the current Fire Chief. Her mother Gwenyth recently retired as the executive vice president of the First National Bank in Beeville, and her grandparents owned their own moving and storage company in Beeville for over 50 years.

Since 1999, J.Forks Designs has blossomed into a lifestyle accessory line rooted from Forks’ southwestern childhood. Her husband, Cody Ackel, has been designing and handcrafting leatherwork for over 14 years.  Together they create a unique line of jewelry and accessories that incorporate American turquoise, natural stones, bronze, sterling silver, and handcrafted leather. Today, J.Forks Designs is sold in retail stores all over the world. They bring a fresh and unique look to the jewelry world, and you can see the love for their art through their work.

Forks' hunger for challenging herself has never ceased, and the influence from the southwestern desert continues to shine through all of her pieces. She is still very much a tomboy at heart, and you will never spot her in a dress. However, she always layers her look in bold J.Forks jewelry. If she is not in her studio creating, you will find her at a CrossFit box, spending time with her children, or wandering through the wilderness constantly exploring, learning, and growing.