The Basic Tee, Kimonos, Sweaters, and Jackets | Essentials To Have in a Wardrobe

Sure! Texas is known for hot hot heat, but this does not guarantee that every single day is sweltering! As a result, we have to have a closet that can keep us cool in the summer and warm in the frigid winter! Does this mean that every woman needs a Texas-size wardrobe? No! (Though, it would be awesome!) Instead, we suggest that every woman focuses on assembling a variety of essentials to have in their wardrobe -- basic tees, kimonos, sweaters, and jackets! These essentials are great to mix and match, having the ability to make a few pieces create multiple different outfits! 


Basic Tees

We all come in different shapes and sizes. So we are not going to sit here and say “there is one tee shirt that is the best!” But we will point out a few things to look for when building a collection of basic tees. 


  1. Overall fit. How long is it? How loose is it? Is it loose in some areas and tight in others? When choosing your go-to basic tee, consider what makes YOU feel comfortable! Some women love to wear snug tees, while other women prefer to wear slouchy. 
  2. Sleeve length. Though this could technically be mentioned alongside “overall fit”, sleeve length is important. Why? Well, women either want to show their arms off or keep that notorious underarm covered. 
  3. Material and weight. Consider the climate you live in. Does the fabric need to be breathable? Does it need to act as a base layer to keep you warm? Or is it so hot outside that you are only choosing to wear a tee shirt because you… well, have to when going out in public? 


When shopping for tees, if you consciously consider the points above, you will find the ideal basic tee! Once you find your favorite tee, do yourself a favor, and buy it in every color! (Sometimes multiples of the same color!)


Kimonos, Sweaters, & Jackets

Whether you need to dress up or down while needing to stay warm or cool, a kimono, sweater or jacket can do the job. They will transform a basic tee, graphic tee, and even a blouse! We strongly encourage all women to collect a few of each (that all look a bit different!). When doing so, this is what we suggest looking for when building your collection.


  • Fit and Cut. 
  • Length
  • Color/Pattern
  • Details (is there a tie or a button? Are there lace accents or sparkly features?)
  • Material 
  • Sleeve length (If they are long, are they easy to roll?)


Final Thoughts

Finding your go-to basic tee and building a collection of kimonos, sweaters and jackets will help you get the most out of a few items in your closet!