How to Pick Your Go-To Jeans

Denim is a Girl’s Best Friend!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Ehhh… we MIGHT have to disagree… Denim is a girl's best friend! (Especially here in the Texas hill country.) And similar to making an actual best friend, finding the perfect go-to jeans requires patience and perseverance. UNTIL NOW! Why? Because we have a jean whisperer on staff, Mrs. Candace McLerran!

We want to share some of her jean insight. So, we recently sat down with her and asked, “When a woman is choosing three pairs of go-to denim, what should she consider?” This is what she said!

Always Go In With an Open Mind!

A closeup image of jeans folded and stacked on top of themselves. This image is used in the J.Forks Designs Blog about denim.

When shopping for jeans, we can easily get stuck overthinking “but THAT is my favorite fit… why would I stray?” Instead, Candace suggests considering WHY you like your favorite jeans or a certain fit. “I am very curvy, and therefore I tend to go to skinny jeans because they usually have a little bit more spandex! Thus, they are more comfortable, like leggings!” But if Candace was being dead set on skinny jeans, she would miss the opportunity to wear other jeans that might “feel” similar! Instead, she looks for jeans with a bit more spandex in the fabric (because she knows she likes that stretch) such as straight legs. Then she looks for fit attributes that compliment her body!

Considering the fit... Jeans come in SO MANY DIFFERENT OPTIONS!

  • Loose Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Regular Fit
  • Skinny Fit
  • Tapered Fit
  • Narrow Fit
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Boot Cut
  • Low Rise
  • High Rise

But again, first ask yourself WHY you like a type of jeans. Then focus in on the fabric. Often, women come in thinking it is the fit they love. But really it is how they feel in them. Now, obviously one affects the other. BUTT (pun intended), you might be surprised with how a jean looks on you as long as it feels comfortable! You just have to take the leap of jean faith, and try them on!  

Details and Wash

This is an image of many jeans hanging back to back.

When you are focusing on building your go-to jean collection, pay attention to the details and wash. Try and go towards something that can be worn with many different options, and can be easily dressed up or down. 

Either focus on one style (once you’ve nailed that down above) in three different washes. OR focus on one wash (typically a mid-wash because they can compliment both light and dark tops), and get three different washes. 

The goal with finding your go-to denim is to make sure you’ve got a good base of basic jeans that are appropriate for all of your outings. So we often encourage people to avoid jeans with too many details. (ONLY WHEN BUILDING THE BASICS!) 

Once you have a good foundation of go-to jeans, (two-three is a great number), then start adding in the fun details: prints, buttons, wear & tear, etc.