How to Build a Collection of Fundamental Jewelry | Necklaces

Similar to building a collection of basic tees and jeans, there is great benefit to collecting a good foundation of fundamental jewelry. These pieces can be worn alone or layered among other pieces, and are great “transition” pieces from office attire to a cute happy hour outfit. So below, we have listed a few tips to create that great collection of fundamental jewelry, and for this week, we are focusing on necklaces!


Image of a J.Forks Designs employee wearing a fundamental necklace


Start with Classics

A simple string of pearls can go with… anything! Here at J.Forks Designs, we use many white freshwater pearls (these are fun as the pearls come in various shapes and sizes, so they create a neat textured look). The best thing about a good string of pearls is that they are easy to compliment almost every outfit! 

Now, some people may not love pearls, and that is okay! It is easy to achieve that “classic” look with a string of Navajo Pearls (as they are sterling silver, so offer a slightly different look and feel) while still a great piece to easily match with many outfits. 

If Navajo Pearls are not your thing either, try to look for a simple (not too many colors) necklace made with stones, beads, or a chain in your favorite color! Just be sure to find something that will work with most of the clothing in your closet!