13662-33 Black Lava Rock w/Turquoise Stacker Bracelet

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Black Lava Rock with Kingman Turquoise Stretch Stacker Bracelet

Here at J.Forks Designs, we use a lot of black lava rock in our designs! Why? Because sometimes, you're just looking for that perfect matte black piece of jewelry, and black lava rock has that look! Plus, lava rock (regardless of the color) has an amazing texture. 

This particular design includes black lava rock with Kingman turquoise. You have two options to choose from (or, of course, you can get both)! The first is a Buffalo Nickel. The second is a hand-tooled leather feather with a tassel. Either option is great!


  • Black lava rock
  • Kingman Turquoise
  • Two stacker options
    • Buffalo Nickel
    • Hand-tooled leather feather with tassel
  • Stretch bracelet (easy on and off)

Each stone is unique, so no two bracelets are exactly the same!

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