Retailers Spotlight | Diamond S Western Wear

This week in the “Retailers Spotlight” we are taking you to Guthrie, Oklahoma to shine some light on Kelly and Sierra-the dynamic duo behind Diamond S Western Wear. In March of 2017, these two women set out to open a high-end jewelry store, but the concept blossomed into a well-curated boutique filled with hand-picked, classy yet rugged clothes, stunning boots and shoes, and gorgeous jewelry. Today, Diamond S Western Wear has a successful website, brick and mortar retail space, and several pop-up stores throughout the year. Though we tip our hats to their fine-tuned taste, the heartbeat behind Diamond S is not necessarily in the individual products, but is centered around these two women’s journey and what brought them together.

Sierra and Kelly met one another in Oklahoma soon after high school and quickly formed a unique bond. However, life took them in separate directions. Sierra pursued a career in the oil and gas industry, fell in love with a her high school sweetheart Nick, married him and had two little boys. Kelly fell in love and married a man named Dustin that she met at the Copper Penny, moved to Missouri, and began their work together in telecommunications and tending to their ranch. With full-time careers and separate lives, it was a shock to Kelly when she received a Facebook message from Sierra in March of 2017 asking for her phone number. A week later, Sierra called Kelly and asked her if she would be interested in opening a retail store. Kelly was dumbfounded and explains, “Literally everything that Sierra said she wanted to do, six months prior to that I had sat and talked to my husband and mother-in-law about [opening a store with the same concept.]” Over the next few weeks, they realized that their goals aligned. Even their husbands, who had not met each other at the time, shared many of the same interests and life goals. After meditating on Sierra’s question, Kelly remembers looking at her husband who asked, “Well, what are you going to do?” Since God brought them together, the two ladies realized it was more than a coincidence. So, they took the leap of faith and opened the business together in June of 2017.

The time they had spent apart plays a major role in the store. The two women with their different personalities and personal styles are what make this store so unique. Diamond S was inspired by their mutual love of western wear, but it was spawned from two different places. Sierra attributes her taste in jewelry and fashion to her Native American roots. “I grew up rodeoing, and that was my lifestyle….That is what I know and that is what I love.” Meanwhile, Kelly grew up spending summers on her Grandmother’s ranch and claims, “[My grandma] was a tough woman. She worked her butt off…. She bought my very first pair of cowboy boots. They were bright red, and I will never forget them…. That is where my drive for everything western comes from - my grandmother and all the memories.” Now, when Sierra and Kelly buy for the store, they order items that one may love and the other might not, but their different tastes offer a great range of diversity in their products.

“You can come into our store and you can spend $20, or you can come into our store and you can spend $2,000. We fit everybody. We do not cater to a specific group. We cater to every size and every wallet. If you want to come in and you want J.Forks, well, guess what- We have $19 J.Forks or if you want to spend $600 we have $500-$600 J.Forks necklaces. We have a variety of everything, ” Sierra explains. “One thing that Sierra and I talk about a lot because it is so fresh for me, is the change in my body after having kids and how sometimes it is really a struggle feeling confident,” explains Kelly. The two work with their customers to show multiple ways to wear any outfit. Kelly describes how rewarding it is when the customer comes out of the fitting room and says, “‘I am going to wear this in my family photos. I love this’…. Those are the moments that we truly live for... I know how I struggle inside, so to know that we help another woman feel better about herself when we live in a world where women try to bring each other down is just the best feeling.”

Diamond S Western Wear has now been open for just over a year. The store’s reputation for stellar customer service spread fast. Whether they are taking pre-orders on items or messaging customers when products are back in stock, they always strive to offer a personal touch. They wanted to make the products accessible to people that come into their store or purchase online. In addition, there is an incredibly unique feature on their website called Sezzle. Think of layaway, but better! Sezzle breaks the price of the item into four payments every two weeks, and the item is shipped after the first installment.

When Sierra and Kelly decided to open a retail store, they wanted to bring one-of-a-kind items to their customers. A year later, not only have they achieved their goal, but they have also taken it to new heights. Their business has grown, they have made incredible bonds with both their customers and vendors, and they have become stronger women. “We had both grown into women that are both strongly opinionated” Kelly explains. “Very headstrong,” Sierra adds. Kelly continues, “Through working with her, I have seen a lot of myself that I did not see before, and it has made me grow as a woman, as a mom, and as a wife. She feels the same way and that is the icing on the cake for us! Through dealing with each other, it has pushed us to be better women.”

If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma, we strongly encourage you to drive through Guthrie and visit these gals at Diamond S Western Wear. For everyone else, definitely shop their website and seize the opportunity to use Sezzle on a statement piece!

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