Meet Kacey Forks | The Host of "Dare to be Bold"

By now, you may have seen our podcast “Dare to be Bold,” and we feel that it is time to shine a little more light on our host Kacey Forks.

Photo after Dare to Be Bold Interview | Left to Right: Aaron Brian and Kacey

Kacey graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in interpersonal communication. “I had no idea what I wanted to do with that,” Kacey explained. At the time she was left thinking, “Okay, now what?” With no specific direction, Kacey headed to Corpus Christi to do the logical next step after graduation: seek out a job. She walked her way into the local CBS news station holding a collection of poetry. Kacey asked to speak with the owner of the station and said “‘Hey! I have a degree in communications, I write poetry, and I would like a job here please.’ The owner of the station was a very nice man who clearly saw something in me. He was probably just like, ‘This poor little duckling, look at her with her poems,’ and he gave me a job.”

Kacey started her career in broadcast television as a reporter. “I had no clue what I was doing. None, not one clue. I started shadowing another reporter, and on the third day they put a microphone in my hand…. I was not really super scared about that part, but I started speaking and … I sounded like a young British girl.” At the time, CBS was number three of three major news stations in the area. They were under new ownership, and the new owner was trying to rebuild the station. Kacey claimed, “I was excited to be a part of that.”

“Thankfully, in an industry like Television or film, or anything where you have a recording of yourself, you can hear it, see how terrible it is, and improve…. I progressively got better.” After eight months of reporting, Kacey was offered the new position of co-producer and co-anchor of the brand new morning show. “That was an incredible opportunity…. It was loads of fun.”

“After that, like any young foolish girl who falls in love and decides that some things are more important than jobs, I moved to Houston because my boyfriend was there.” Once in Houston, Kacey did not want to pursue working in media. “I felt like it was not a rewarding career. Even though I very much enjoyed it, it was very cut throat. I did not want to be a part of that. I loved doing feature stories and having fun, but I was not willing to do what it took to move my way up through the ranks to be a feature reporter at a news station. I just did not feel like it was my calling.”

Now in Houston, and again on the hunt for a job, Kacey became a receptionist at a junior high school. “I took phone calls, and I dealt with parents all day. I loved it. I absolutely loved it.” Kacey had found her calling and at this point, she got her alternative certification for teaching and started as an eighth grade english teacher. After a few years of that, she bounced around for a bit and eventually made her way to become a high school english teacher, which she continues to do today. “That is a very rewarding job for me.”


Then, a few months ago, Kacey received a text message from her former sister-in-law Jenny Forks [of J.Forks] asking her to give her a call. That was the day Kacey was asked to be the host of the “Dare to be Bold” podcast.

"Dare to be Bold" Interview with Clint Orms

“I fell in love with it immediately because I thought the idea of interviewing people who live their lives boldly was just incredible…. I was so sincerely flattered that Jenny thought of me because I know she knows a lot of people. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity, and it has turned out to be more incredible than I originally thought it could have been.”

Whether she is news anchoring, teaching, or hosting a podcast, Kacey explains that she loves making connections with people and helping them learn new things. On top of that, Kacey boldly seizes life by the horns and follows her passion to impact people’s lives in a positive manor.

Want to know more? We sat down with Kacey for a quick Q and A.

Question: “What is your favorite color?

Kacey:: “RED!”

Question: “What is your favorite animal?”

Kacey: “It is very difficult for me to narrow down favorites when it comes to... OH! Otter. It is an otter! It just happened recently. That is why it is still not familiar to me. I did not realize how amazing otters are until a few months ago on Pinterest. I have an entire Pinterest board of otters. I want an otter more than anything else in life, and now people tag me on videos. It is the cutest animal in life! They slide, they play, they are social, and I want one.”

Question: What is your favorite band?

Kacey: I do not know. Okay, I have a very difficult time narrowing down favorite song, favorite movie, favorite band, because I have such a wide variety of interests. I like so many different types of music, movies and songs. So it is very difficult for me to narrow those down!”

J.Forks: But I know you love the 90’s playlist.

Kacey: Summer Hits of the 90’s is my favorite Pandora station.

Question: Who is your favorite actor?

Kacey: I do not really have one of those either. In the 90’s it was Meg Ryan hands down. Like in all of her little rom coms, I loved Meg Ryan. I am not a huge fan girl, so actors, authors, musicians, I would love to meet them, and I admire their hard work and think what they do is incredible, but I do not ever feel like I am starstruck.

Question: What is your favorite food?

Kacey: Ah! Okay, well I am going to say that there is no such thing as too much cheese on anything ever. It is like my catch phrase. You can put it on my tombstone, really. I love mexican food. I do not think quesadillas are ever the wrong choice. I also enjoy good Chinese food and Italian. I pretty much just really love food. Lately, I have been on a huge salad kick because you can have good, healthy salads, but more so I have just been enjoying the greens.

I have food phases. One time I went through a s’mores phase, and I wanted to eat anything that had s’mores things. Cookies, pop tarts, not even actual s’mores, the combination.

Question: Where do you want to visit?

Kacey: Ireland. I would love to go to Italy and France and all around Europe. But if somebody handed me a ticket and said, ‘Where do you want to go?’ I would say ‘Ireland’. I would love to go to Ireland! I have heard great things about it.

Question: What is your favorite season?

Kacey: Fall. It is fall even though we do not get a huge fall season here. I love Halloween that goes into Thanksgiving, leaves falling, pumpkin spice everything, the cooler breezes. I just love fall.

J.Forks: Wait, there are cool breezes in this state?

Kacey’s Answer: They usually come in January, but I like to pretend. Occasionally we get a cool front in the fall.

Question: Do you like sports?

Kacey: Okay, I do not watch sports on television. I never really have. If anything, it would be college sports. Mainly just Texas Tech football because I have a connection to that. Other than that, I played, and still enjoy playing volleyball and softball for years and years.


Question: Do you have a vice?

Kacey: My biggest vice is buying too many clothes and accessories.

Question: What is your biggest fear?

Kacey: That is a great question, and I have no idea. I hate roaches. I guess it is a phobia because I will scream like a little girl. They are huge here [in Texas].

(Prior to the interview, we were discussing her love of dinosaurs, and the very first Jurassic Park, and her collection of Dinosaur Graphic tees).

Kacey: Oh, and I wanted to show you this while you were on the phone. [Kacey passed the phone in our direction]. This is one of my graphic tees with Jeff Goldblum on a raptor.

J.Forks: So, what is your favorite prehistoric animal?

I love Dinosaurs! Umm, stegosaurus was definitely my favorite dinosaur as a kid, but I still have this strange/odd connections to dinosaurs.

J.Forks: What is your connection with dinosaurs?

I do not know, honestly. I just think they are cool. I guess that little 8 year old girl in me, or maybe the 8 year old boy in me just thinks they are cool. I wish we still had dinosaurs! And while we are on that topic, I wish that leprechauns were real.

Question: Why leprechauns?

Kacey: Why not leprechauns?

J.Forks: I mean. Over unicorns?

Kacey: No! I mean they would certainly live in the same land! Perhaps they even ride the unicorns on their way to visit the mermaids.

J.Forks: You want to find your pot of gold? [Laughing]

Kacey: I do! I am trying.