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Most of us have been caught in the least appropriate outfit for a last minute invitation and forced to make whatever we have laying in our car work. While some of us put pride aside and bravely weathered the storm, others of us were able to throw something together out of the shrapnel in our vehicle. Though no one can truly prepare for these mishaps, a good collection of accessories sure can save the outfit! By collecting a few staple pieces to have on-hand, you gracefully walk through the occasion.

Which brings us to our first pearls of wisdom, where we had to make athletic wear work.

J.Forks-Jewelry-Athletic wear

5:00 PM on a Thursday.

You’ve almost made it through a strenuous work week, and you are in dire need of letting off some steam. After leaving work, you stop by your house, change into athletic wear, and head straight to the gym to ravage your way through a mind-numbing workout.

6:30 PM, same day.

Sweaty, and out of breath, ready to head home, you pick up your phone. Noticing that you have a voicemail, you reluctantly press play, bring the phone to your ear and hear:


Voicemail Recording: “Hey! It’s Brian. I just wanted to touch base about our date tonight at 7:00 pm. I got us a reservation at that little French restaurant on the corner of Union and Pecan. I can’t wait to meet you in person. Lauren can’t stop talking about you.”

Then suddenly, you remember. Your best friend, Lauren, set you up on a blind date with Brian, a super hot ultra-runner that she met in law school. He was going to be in town for a couple of days, and apparently, you “just had” to meet him. It was now too late to cancel, and definitely too late to run home to change, so you’re stuck in your gym clothes headed to your blind date.

What would Jenny (our fearless leader) Do?

"Pearls are one of the fastest ways to dress up a look. So, if I was stuck in my gym clothes and had to go on a blind date, I'd definitely throw on pearls. Though, my husband might not be too thrilled that I am going on a blind date."

This look includes: J.Forks Pearl Wrap Necklace, J.Forks 3 Strand Pearl and Brown Pin Shell Necklace, J.Forks Stackable Bracelets, J.Forks Turquoise and Tooled Leather Earrings, J.Forks Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Ring, and one of a kind J.Forks White Denim Jacket with Serape Back and Pins.


Voicemail Recording: “Hi there, this is Helen over at the Community Bank. After reviewing your loan application, we noticed that we need one more signature from you before we can finalize the loan for your house. I understand this is a huge inconvenience, so I can be here until 7:00 pm for you to sign the paperwork, and we can get this pushed through tomorrow morning in time for the closing.”

Oh. Great. You currently not only look like you have just auditioned to be an amazon fighter in the new Wonder Woman movie, but you are also annoyed that this was not finished the first time you were at the bank. So you run to your car and piece together an outfit that looks loan-approval appropriate.

What would Jenny Do?

"If someone is about to lend me thousands of dollars, I want to look presentable. Layering a few 15" necklaces along with a longer crystal necklace gives this look some sparkle. Pearl bracelets dress the look up. The scarf helps hide the fact I'm wearing gym clothes. Earrings, definitely say that I care."

This look includes: J.Forks 15" Matte Bronze Seeds Necklace, J Forks 15" Faceted Pyrite with Stick Pearl Necklace, J.Forks 30" Austrian Golden Crystal with American Turquoise and Leather Feather Necklace, J.Forks Stackable Bracelets, Turquoise and Tooled Leather Earrings, and a beautiful scarf from our pals at Daisy Pearl Boutiques and Gifts.


Voicemail Recording: “Hey! It’s Lauren. I just got to Ross’s party. It is exactly what you would expect. Rest assured, your engagement party will be way better. I am so proud of you for coming to his party. It’s really big of you. Anyway, please get here soon! His friends are still creepy, and one is staring at me.”

Then, you remembered that you reluctantly accepted an invitation to your ex’s engagement party. By the sound of it, your best friend is already there, and you should be there soon so you can save her from his creepy friends. So you head to your car and have minutes to look extraordinary (because you’re NOT going to let this new girl out-hot you).

What would Jenny Do?

"My fashion words to live by: always have black eyeliner, mascara, and a bold lipstick on hand. Then you are pretty much ready to face anything... including the daunting task of attending your ex's engagement party. Knot the shirt to the side, layer yourself in silver and the look is complete."

The Look: Two J.Forks 60" Wood/Silver Bead Wrap Necklaces, One of a kind 110 carat Kingman Turquoise and Leather Pendant, a one-of-a-kind Concho Belt, and J.Forks Large Oval Concho with Turquoise Earrings.


Voicemail Recording: “Hey honey, my parents are so excited to meet you! We have reservations at the little wine bar I took you to last month at 7:00 pm. I was just checking in to make sure you are good to go.”

Oh…. No…. You have been dating this dream guy for about four months, and he wants to introduce you to his parents. You agreed to have dinner with them last week, but completely forgot about it since work has you jumping through hoops. So, you have minutes to look like the perfect girl for their son.

What would Jenny Do?

"I often have a scarf and a ring lying around, and use this look to change my outfit. It's a simple way to change the look and bring some elegance to an outfit."

The Look: Yellow Scarf from our friends at Western Grace, J.Forks Turquoise and Tooled Leather Earrings, J.Forks Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Ring, J.Forks Loom Beaded Bracelet, and a denim button down.


Voicemail Recording: “Hey! It’s Mary. Lauren and her mother, Sue, just got to my house. Sue is already rearranging my entire living room and whispering things like ‘this is why you’re still single’ under her breath. Please get here as soon as you can! Like... 30 minutes ago. Where are you, anyway? Everyone should be here around 7:30, so please hurry!”

Then, you remembered you promised your friend Mary that you would help with your best friend’s wedding shower. Lauren’s mother is a complete nightmare, so you are about to head into a verbal battlefield with an opinionated lady, and you are still dripping in sweat.

What would Jenny Do?

"If you have a large scarf lying around, you can quickly turn it into a vest, and in this case hide the fact you are wearing athletic wear. With the pressure of going to a bridal shower, I would want to dress up the look. This color jasper was the perfect look for this because it pops against the pink shirt! Bracelets and earrings are mandatory in efforts to impress an overbearing mother, and these particular picks happen to compliment the look nicely."

The Look: J.Forks Imperial Jasper and Leather Wrap Necklace, J.Forks 3 Strand 34" Light Blue Imperial Jasper with Saddle Leather Necklace, J.Forks Turquoise and Leather Tooled Earrings (similar pair here), Jenny's personal leather cuff, Jenny's personal turquoise cuff, and a scarf (that was tied and worn as a vest) from our pals at Daisy Pearl Boutique and Gifts.

To sum it up:

Though these exact situations may not have happened to all of us, most of us have had at least one time where we were forced to head from the gym to an outing. With limited time, we had to make what we were wearing work. Since accessories are our lives here at J.Forks, we want to showcase how the right collection of staple accessories will truly save your outfit.

Special Thank You To:

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