Accessorize Your New Year's Eve | Joeylynn with The Traveling Florist

At J.Forks Designs, we live by the motto, “Dare to be Bold” applying it to all aspects of our lives. Whether we are wearing a bold piece of jewelry or training for a Spartan Race, our founder, Jenny Forks encourages us to have faith, chase our dreams, and persevere when obstacles arise before us. So, logically when we meet people who also live boldly, we quickly form a bond.

Back in November, we met Joeylynn Mesaros with The Traveling Florist, a new mobile flower shop from Schertz, Texas. Joeylynn was one of our very first customers at our newly-opened Micro Store / Special Events Trailer located in downtown San Antonio. Upon meeting, our conversation quickly moved from typical small talk into an in-depth discussion about overcoming unique challenges of mobile retail stores, our mutual love of jewelry, and our shared appreciation for plants native to the southwestern region of the United States. Over the next few weeks, we got to know this gal and were inspired to co-host an event. Thus, “Accessorize Your New Years Eve” came to fruition (Event Details and Ticket Information below!) What was the motivation behind the event? Mutual respect for women in business! We proudly tip our hat to this young lady who followed her dream.



Joeylynn's affinity for flowers originated when she was a little girl after spending a countless number of hours wandering through the rows of her Italian grandmother’s rose garden. “I have fond memories of my grandmother barefoot [in her garden] and getting dirty… She taught me the essence of being a tomboy but also how to appreciate beauty.” By the time Joeylynn was in high school, her one true dream was to open a flower shop. However, she was met with resistance. Joeylynn was struggling in math and science (which she later learned was due to an undiagnosed math disorder). Though she longed for the opportunity to go to college and chase her dreams, her mother told her that she needed to get married and have children because she could not amount to anything on her own.



Fortunately, she was madly in love with her high school sweetheart, Rob who had a very different opinion of Joeylynn. After graduating from high school, these two starry-eyed young adults got married. Rob who is naturally extraordinarily supportive and driven always encouraged Joeylynn to never give up on her goals. Over the next 11 years, Rob observed Joeylynn as she poured herself into her career, explored different industries, climbed corporate ladders and even help her friend launch a start-up non-profit. Though she was successful in her various roles, Rob recognized that Joeylynn never let go of her childhood dream and longed for the days she spent with her grandmother. Finally, in 2017 Rob sat Joeylynn down and said, “Just go for it! What do we need to do [to make this happen]?”


"I just want to honor [my grandmother]. I want to live out her legacy and passion for life and flowers... She is my favorite human ever and the biggest source of my inspiration.” With encouragement from her husband, Joeylynn spent the next few months calculating how to open a flower store practically. She enrolled in both online business courses and floral design classes and started the arduous task of writing a business plan. Inspired by the tiny walk-up flower shops sprinkled throughout Europe, she purchased a trailer, and her vision started to take on a shape. Joeylynn recalls that during this time, "I started practicing with flowers, and people started wanting to buy them. The carriage got in front of the horse. I had not finished my online classes, the business plan is not even complete, and so many things still needed to happen." However, she persevered, and In March of 2018, The Traveling florist officially became a business. Joeylynn’s lifelong dream came to fruition.



If you live in the San Antonio area and need floral arrangements for banquets, weddings, events or would like to simply add a pop of color in your home, we strongly encourage you to place an order with The Traveling Florist! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thetravelingflorist and join us on Sunday, December 30th from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, join us for the ultimate shopping experience and floral hairpiece workshop!


Written by: Courtney Cobb